Monday, June 19, 2017

chinese medicine

I've been having some rugby related aches and pains and decided to go to a Chinese Medicine Doctor (who is also my teammate). I have to say there are good reasons why acupuncture and cupping have been around for so long. One or two sessions after beginning I found my issues weren't such a big deal anymore.

Situation wise going to my Chinese Medicine Doctor was really just going over to my teammates flat. I ride one of the double decker trams or the blue MTR line to North Point on Hong Kong Island and take a lift up to her flat. She has a big space with couches pushed to the side to make room for beds like you would see at any PT.

She chats with people in Cantonese and her domestic worker opens the door for you. You wait for a while and then she asks what is wrong. Usually I end up getting needles in me for various lengths of time. She might apply a heat lamp as well. All this to get the blood moving. More meaty parts of the body hurt less than bony bits (like my thumbs).

At any given time while waiting you will probably hear people screaming about how bad it hurts in Cantonese (or me in English). And yet, people keep coming back. It works friends.

I still have yet to be converted with the medicinal soups. Those generally just seem to taste bad. However there is one that you can get in any 711 to help make you feel less heavy after eating too much fried food and wow does that work like a charm.