Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mission orientation

Hello friends! It is long past time for an update so greetings to you again on the day after my birthday

I write to you today from the holy cross monastery in poughkeepsie (pronounced po-kip-see isnt english weird?) where i and several others are staying for mission orientation. Basically for the most part we've been sitting around in a blue room learning how to not embarrass ourselves abroad and how to best take care of ourselves. We've done bible study and meals with some (really cool and excellent) monks. One of them (Br Will) even let me borrow his book on knitting socks! What a good bean!

the part is sometimes boring (informative and useful too but you try sitting around in one room all day) BUT this place is beautiful. we've been doing so much besides just learning how to represent the church

There are about 20 of us here and most of us are ages 21-30 (there is one lovely woman named karen is older than the YASCers who is going to Tanzania), all remarkably easy to get along with. and guys this place is beautiful. wildly wonderfully beautiful. seriously i could make a blog post just about how pretty this place is but I wont. and the food is great. their cook was trained at the culinary institute of america how cool is that? anyway here are some pictures

But what have we been doing? (besides learning)



WE MET THE PRESIDING BISHOP IN MANHATTAN (if you all are nice i'll tell you about how i accidentally asked him the funniest question ever [or so the camera guys think]) (he's a really cool guy I tell ya what)

INTERFAITH DAY (we went around to different worship spaces and asked questions and explored)

In order- we started the day with something semi familiar at the episcopal church of the heavenly rest, then a synagogue for the religious comedy act of rabbi watkovski, then the Armenian orthodox cathedral St Vartan [this was so cool, I didnt know anything at all about them and I'm a religion major! So cool!!] then finally Hanadi spoke to us about her faith in the overflow prayer space in a local mosque. She was honest and eloquent and open about her faith in a way that I hope I may someday be. It was crazy inspiring to see all the people who give their hearts so fully and openly to their faith.

we're also getting followed around sometimes by guys with cameras but its surprisingly not the scary as long as you ignore them and make funny faces when you remember they're there.

anyway, next time I'll maybe talk about where i'll be going, what i'll be doing, and where this blog might go next

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