Sunday, August 21, 2016


I recognize that I have not yet explained what I will be doing in Hong Kong. Once I receive my visa (which is sitting at immigrations) I will begin interning with the anglican cathedral, more specifically with helpers for domestic helpers. You may wonder what HDH does and what I will be doing there. HDH does lovely work in advocacy for the population of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. In large part these women migrated from the philipines and indonesia to work in peoples houses doing things like cleaning, childcare, and elder care. For numerous reasons these women are often abused by their employers, when this happens we provide a variety of services including but not limited to education of legal rights, support on criminal and civil court cases, and liaising with relevant government agencies.

I haven't officially started but I did attend a planning meeting where i was incredibly impressed with the employee and volunteer passion, drive, and welcoming nature. These women and men are wonderfully dedicated to seeking justice and rights for women who do not have many fighting for them.  I am honored to join them.

More to come as I meet more of the staff, the women we serve, and explore my role within the work.

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